Robinsons UK provide training services to HETAS Training Centres across the United Kingdom.  When we spoke to these Centres about our thoughts on setting up the raffle for Childrens Cancer Charity Candlelighters, they were more than happy to get on board and show their support by donating a substantial gift to the raffle to help us raise as much money as we can.

Each Centre has donated an HETAS H003 Dry Stove Installer course that will allow the prize winner to expand and diversify their business through an industry recognised qualification for the Solid Fuel and Stove sector.  This is a prize that will attract more donations to the Candlelighters fundraising efforts organised by Robinsons UK, while encouraging small businesses to continue their professional development and boost their local economy and services available for customers.

Euroheat, based in Bishops Frome, offer the full range of HETAS qualifications and have been working in the Solid Fuel industry since 1981.  Robinsons UK and Euroheat’s work closely with one another and so Euroheat were eager to step up to help support something which Robinsons UK feels so strongly about.

Waxmans, based in Elland, are one of the United Kingdoms leading distributors alongside their HETAS training facility.  Again their collaborative working relationship with Robinsons UK means that they were only to eager to help this local Leeds based charity on their doorstep.

Schiedel, based in Washington, are the leading manufacturer of flue product in the United Kingdom and  have worked with HETAS since day one.  Robinsons UK have a very close working relationship which meant that when approached to get involved with this charity event they jumped at the chance to support such a worthy cause.

Robinsons UK are very proud to be associated with these companies and of their generosity in supporting the charity event that we have organised.  Waxmans, Schiedel and Euroheat really set the ball rolling, and raised the bar, for other manufacturers and providers to donate products and services.  Without their initial support we don’t think we could have made the raffle as successful (so far raising over £2000 in the first 48 hours).  This is a testament to their reputation, positive ethos and standing in the HETAS training industry.

Thank You,
Everyone at Robinsons UK.

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