Thank you to those who have helped and continue to support us in our development and growth.  We are incredibly grateful.


At our launch/trade event last week we were overwhelmed by those who showed their support. This is just the beginning of many events that we hope to hold at the Centre in a bid to build ourselves as a local hub for heating engineers in the area. We offer an open door, warm and comfortable environment, refreshments, desk space and free wifi to utilize in your downtime. We are well aware of the pressures and loneliness when working as a sole trader.


In the countdown to Christmas we are also looking forward to some much needed family time and are beginning to remember the importance of having a work-life balance.

Working with your partner/spouse is new to the both of us and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the ‘family business’. So far we have adapted well to being together for a much larger proportion of our time than either of us thought was possible, and without blood being spilled and toys being thrown out of various prams.

The main thing that we have learned so far is to ensure that we have very different job roles so to limit/manage the number of potential disagreements. We have also found that there is a substantially calmer atmosphere at home and no ‘my job is more stressful than our job’ competition as we are both working toward the same goal and both see hard each works on a daily basis. It helps that Simon has also resigned himself to the fact that I won’t always do as I’m asked!!!!   Although when I’m asked who’s where and on what days, when I’ve already created an easy-to-use calendar for them to refer to, there will be a frustrated glance cast across the office. Or when I’m asked at 11pm if we have stock of a flue liner and how much we charge again – I may laugh and respond with a sarcastic comment!

And so we are very much at the point where the business is now onward and upward. Determination, resilience and continuing support are where we are at currently. We have a planned number of courses running on site and nationally.

We have begun to distribute Schiedel flue product, Euroheat and Cast-tec stoves and soon Intergas and Strebel boilers, all of which are available exclusively to trade only. The website is coming soon – watch this space – and we have already started the Twitter (@ruktradeonly) and Facebook (@ruktradeonly) pages. Products, price lists and packages are already available (just get in touch and we’ll send one straight to you).

Finally, we are designing a number of new courses that we are hoping to obtain accreditation for alongside CPD opportunities for the heating industry and its trainers and assessors – so watch this space for further information and developments…..

Thanks for reading,