At Robinsons UK we can cater for all of your Solid Fuel training .  Robinsons UK are proud to be able to offer a range of accredited HETAS Training Courses at our Lancashire base in Blackpool (within Stove Industry Supplies Training Centre). As well we offer training at Bishops Frome, Worcestershire – Clydebank, Glasgow –  Tiverton, Devon and Seaham, County Durham.   Our friendly staff are on hand at anytime you need advice and guidance on which pathway to take.

All courses include certification and course materials.

HETAS H002 Solid Fuel Regulations and Standards Course

Duration: Up to 3 days
Cost: £540 + VAT

HETAS H003DS Dry Appliance Installer Course

Duration: Up to 3 days
Cost: £810 + VAT

HETAS H003R Dry Appliance Installer Refresher Course

Duration: Up to 2 days
Cost: £540 + VAT

HETAS H004/H004R Wet Appliance Installer or Refresher Course

Duration: 1 or 2 days
Cost: £450 + VAT (1 day) or £540 + VAT (2 day)

HETAS H005DE Biomass Appliance Installer - Direct Entry Course

Duration: Up to 5days
Cost: £1320 + VAT

HETAS H006 System Chimney Course

Duration: 1 day
Cost: £310 + VAT

HETAS H008 Dry Pellet Stove Installer Course

Duration: 1 day
Cost: £310 + VAT

HETAS H009 Service and Maintenance Course

Duration: 1 or 2 days
Cost: £450 + VAT (1 day experienced Sweeps only) or £540 + VAT (2 day option)

HETAS H009S Sweeping Module

Duration: 1 day
Cost: £450 + VAT

HETAS H011 Sweeping Course

Duration: 4 days
Cost: £1500 + VAT

HETAS Solid Fuel +Plus, H003DS & H006 Combined Course

Duration: 5 days
Cost: £1370 + VAT

Course dates @ Blackpool, Lancashire
HETAS H003DS –   1st July and 21st October
HETAS H003R –   18th June, 1st July (3 days), 24th September, 21st October (3 days) and 2nd December
HETAS H004 – 23rd December
HETAS H005de – Please get in touch for dates
HETAS H006 – 20th June, 4th July, 26th September, 24th October and 4th December
HETAS H009 – 1 day for experienced Sweeps/Solid Fuel Technicians –  Please get in touch for dates
H009S – 5th December
H011 – Please get in touch for dates
Solid Fuel +, H003DS, H006 – Please get in touch for dates

Due to lower numbers at certain times of the year, the high number of H003r requests and candidate feedback we run some H003ds and H003r alongside each other at this Centre to accommodate for all eventualities – if you are a refresher you will be required to attend 3 days, however, you will only be charged at the 2 day H003r rate.

Alternative/unlisted courses and dates may be available on request – please get in touch.

For more information on HETAS courses and services CLICK HERE

Our HETAS centre in the Blackpool offers a huge range of additional sites and experiences suitable for everyone.  It’s a great centre to visit if you want to bring the family along with you.

The area offers a good range of accommodation which we can provide you a list of.